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Management and Organisation

Hydro Testing Forum (HTF) originated from EU project Hydro Testing Alliance (HTA). As MARIN coordinated the HTA project, they have also been allowed by partners to take the administrative lead in HTF. HTF is managed by the Steering Committee (SC) in which each of the partners have one representative. In the SC decisions are made regarding the budget, schedule of meetings and forming of new Communities of Practice. The Steering Committee is Chaired by HTF Chairman Frans Hendrik Lafeber of MARIN.

Each CoP is managed by one of the partners who is responsible for the chairmanship of this CoP and the secretariat. For one CoP, the role of secretariat is taken up by one of the other partners. Chairmans and secretariats for the CoPs are:

  • CoP Noise, chair: Mario Felli (INSEAN), secretariat: Frans Hendrik Lafeber (MARIN)

  • CoP Nuclei, chair & secretariat: Martijn van Rijsbergen (MARIN)

  • CoP Flow, chair & secretariat: Benjamin Friedhoff (DST)

  • CoP Reliability, chair & secretariat: Joris Brouwer (MARIN)

Membership of HTF costs 3000 Euro per year and is open for all companies and institutes working on maritime hydrodynamic research. Universities get a reduction of the fee of 50%.

In 2016 Maarten Flikkema was installed as chairman of HTF following in the footsteps of HTA Coordinator and HTF initiator Albert Aalbers who retired. Maarten Flikkema is Senior Project Manager at MARIN, responsible for European collaborative research projects.

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